Subject Lead: Mrs C Hill

Maths Vision Statement

At Packmoor Ormiston Academy, maths is a creative subject to provide children with a love of learning to equip them with essential life skills. We provide children the opportunity to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and equip them to apply their knowledge to solve problems. Through promoting enjoyment, curiosity and passion we provide an understanding of the world and the inspiration to use maths in future life situations. Packmoor Ormiston Academy will inspire children to use maths in science, technology and engineering in both school and future careers.

SMSC in Maths

  • Socially – By making connections between pupils’ mathematical skills and real life; for example, creating pie charts to compare how a child in another country spends their day with how children at Packmoor spend their time.
  • Morally – By reflecting on data that has moral and ethical implications; for example at harvest time, pupils consider the percentage of people around the world suffering from hunger.
  • Socially – By the sharing of resources within the classroom, the negotiating of responses and group problem solving.
  • Culturally – By asking questions about the history of maths: for example, ‘What did the Greeks discover that we still use in maths today?’