Modern Foreign Languages

Subject Lead: Mrs J Guillon

French Vision Statement

The teaching of a modern foreign language at Packmoor Ormiston Academy focuses on enabling pupils to make good progress in one language. It provides an appropriate balance of spoken and written language and should lay the foundations for further foreign language teaching at Key Stage 3. It also provides children with opportunities to communicate for practical purposes and understand cultures beyond their own.

SMSC in French

  • Spiritually -MFL supports spiritual development by exploring the beauty of languages from around the world and learning where in the world the French language is spoken.
  • Morally – By helping pupils to have an accurate and truthful understanding of French culture.
  • Socially – By learning the skill of communicating in different ways.
  • Culturally – By appreciating the language and customs of others and by taking part in cultural occasions e.g. Bastille Day and Christmas traditions.