Our Academy participates in VotesforSchools to support our PSHE, SMSC, British Values and Prevent curriculum. VotesforSchools provides weekly resources for teachers to prompt discussion on a challenging current issue. The issues addressed are mostly British but can also be from the wider world. They are all approached in an age appropriate way and can range from extremism to space travel or how government money is spent. Pupils are encouraged to listen, debate and then vote on the current issue. Every week our pupils’ votes on the topic being discussed are uploaded to VotesforSchools, the data we receive back, gives us access to a national picture of how pupils around the country have responded to the issue.

VotesforSchools empowers and encourages of our pupils to have a voice; this gives them the tools to ‘speak out’ on any issue. VotesforSchools gives a consistent and quality approach to ensuring that every pupil has access and can engage in discussion around British values and can develop their critical thinking. VotesforSchools is designed to equip our pupils with skills that will stay with them for life, engagement in democracy, how to make your voice heard, how to articulate your opinion, how to listen to others and how to make decisions. Through looking at different sides of any debate, they develop skills of tolerance, empathy, understanding and a respect for diversity.

For further information on VotesforSchools please visit their website by clicking the following link –

To view the issues covered by VotesforSchools last academic year click the download below.