Admissions Criteria

Early Years Education

We believe that children in Nursery and Reception should have a positive start to their school life and we work hard to ensure that this is the case.  Nursery and Reception have their own designated outdoor play area and from starting in Packmoor Ormiston Academy children will start to be taught different aspects of literacy and numeracy through a play-based curriculum and you will be helped with ideas regarding how to support to your child at home.

Children visit our school prior to their start and we work hard to ensure that we have all the relevant information about your child in order that they can have the best possible start to school life.  Our doors are always open if you wish to talk about your child – we shall be delighted to see you.

Nursery Admissions

Starting nursery is a very important milestone in every child’s life. As a parent/carer, you have an important role to play in helping your child take the first steps on their learning journey. We are keen to work with you to make sure that starting nursery is a positive experience for your child, and to help your child achieve their full potential in a warm and caring environment.

Nursery Prospectus

Morning Nursery

Children are expected to attend five morning sessions to ensure continuity in their learning, and access to the whole curriculum. A session lasts for three hours, and 15 hours per week (5 sessions) are funded by the government.

30 Hours Provision

As well as morning nursery, we are also operate afternoon nursery sessions each day.  These sessions are available to all nursery children, whether funded (via 30 hours entitlement) or for a fee.

Reception Admissions

  • We currently offer 60 places in our Reception classes
  • Children are eligible for Reception in the September of the school year in which they turn five years old (the school year runs from 1 September to 31 August)
  • Reception admissions are organised centrally by Stoke on Trent Local Authority
  • Having a place in the Nursery does guarantee a place in the main school
  • Full details on admission to Reception, along with the timetable for applications, can be found on the Stoke on Trent admissions page.