Subject Lead: Mr J Tett

History Vision Statement

At Packmoor Ormiston Academy, we aim to provide a high-quality history education which will help pupils gain coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past, its changes and those of the wider world. We aim to create a passion and curiosity in our pupils to learn more about the past. We believe that by learning about the achievements, successes, failures and complexities of humanity’s past, pupils gain a deeper understanding of their present and the ability to create a brighter future.

SMSC in History

  • Spiritually – By considering how things would be different if the course of events had been different; for example what difference would it have made if the Romans had not invaded Britain or if the Normans had not been successful in 1066?
  • Morally – By exploring the results of right and wrong behaviour in the past e.g. wars.
  • Socially – By considering questions about social structure in the past. For example, what might pupils say about the rights of children in Victorian times? Is it important that society looks after young children? Are there people in the world who still don’t get a fair deal?
  • Culturally – By investigating how culture is shaped by history, exploring the ‘cultural heritage’ and in particular the Christian Influence on British culture.